Flaby's Picante - FMHA, AMHA, AMHR
Toyland Perfect Lady - FBR, AMHA,AMHR
         Toyland Perfect Surprise - AMHA

We decided to try miniature horses, because I could no longer keep up with the larger Morgan horses. Toyland Perfect Lady was our first miniature horse. She made us fall in love with miniature horses and Falabellas in particular. We think she is just extremely the cutest, very friendly and easy to handle and that was important because of my rheumatoid arthritis. The previous owners did not guarantee her to be in foal but, of course, she was and soon we had 2 little miniature horses! Gracie was that baby. Soon there were more; this time pure Falabellas. We are concentrating on calm, stable-minded dispositions, sound conformation, Anglo-Arab type, and refinement. We are enjoying the little horses so much. We love them all. Lady has been bred to Toyland Comet Splash for a 2008 foal!!! FLASH - See Allen on the foals page!!