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      The Falabella Miniature Horse

      The Falabella is a very rare and lovely miniature horse. They are found in many parts of the world and still are very rare. There are not many over a thousand of them in the United States. The Falabella horse is a breed of horse in Argentina just as Morgan or Quarter Horse is a breed of horse in the United States. The Falabella has the temperament of a horse because he evolved from the regular sized horses brought to Argentina from Spain by the Conquistadors. For several generations, the Falabella family enhanced the quality of the small horses who were bred down by them to the small size that they are today. The Falabella family in Argentina used different types of horses in the development of the breed. Thus, there are different types in the Falabella breed.

      This little horse comes in all of the usual colors that horses come in. They also come in all the various patterns such as Appaloosa, Pinto, and Pintaloosa. The Falabella family was especially fond of the loud Appaloosa colors. There are many in the Falabella herds of today.

      Falabella's were paramount in developing the American Miniature Horse of today. Some of the most well-known Falabella miniature horses that were used to develop the American miniature horse breed were Chianti, Sherry, Pepper, Zodiac, Comofin, and Shadow Oaks Jose as well as several others. Many Falabella breeders of today are developing a more refined type which is very competitive in the show ring.

      I have found that the lovely little Falabella is generally very sweet -natured and easy to handle when brought up with gentleness and kindness. They seem to learn very quickly and enjoy the company of humans. They are especially fond of children. The larger ones can be ridden by a small child and they excel at pulling a cart.

      On the Falabella Miniature Horse Association website, you will find copies of magazine articles with a great deal more information on the history and value of these little horses. They are very interesting to read as they are very informative. You can find a link to the Falabella Miniature Horse Association website on my Favorite Places page on this website.

      I would like to acknowledge and thank Laurie Stevens of Toyland Miniature Horses for all the help and time she has given to help me learn about the lovely little Falabella horses!

      Thank you so much for visiting our website. I trust you will enjoy the pictures and information included. Check back often as we are expecting foals in the springtime and will have new pictures and information from time to time. To learn more about Falabella horses, please go to our "Favorite Places" page and visit the different links.

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